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Members Present at Raid End on October 30, 2013
Added By: Stingray Updated By: N/A
Note: 1:30AM Siege of Orgrimmar Points Value: 6.00

... found 25 attendee(s)

Buyer Item Spent
Ihatepeople [Puddle Punishers] (item history) 10.00
Zanrith [Greatbelt of Living Waters] (item history) 1.00
Fish [Softfoot's Last Resort] (item history) 10.00
Stalkir [Ichor-Dripping Shoulderpads] (item history) 10.00
Gulvan [Hood of Blackened Tears] (item history) 1.00
Nodidi [Stonetoe's Tormented Treads] (item history) 10.00
Wizendone [Death Lotus Crossbow] (item history) 10.00
Stingray [Robes of the Tendered Heart] (item history) 10.00
Chillycraft [Robes of the Tendered Heart] (item history) 10.00
Dinthdos [Norushen's Shortblade] (item history) 10.00
Nachtwarrior [Fusion-Fire Core] (item history) 10.00
Tisma [Untainted Guardian's Chain] (item history) 1.00
Tisma [Bracers of Final Serenity] (item history) 10.00
Syr [Reality Ripper Ring] (item history) 12.00
Arcduh [Gaze of Arrogance] (item history) 10.00
Jazzduck [Chest of the Cursed Protector] (item history) 10.00
Chillycraft [Chest of the Cursed Vanquisher] (item history) 10.00
Stalkir [Necklace of Fading Light] (item history) 151.00
Stalkir [Flameslinger's Fiery Cowl] (item history) 1.00
Ihatepeople [Dagryn's Discarded Longbow] (item history) 10.00
Fish [Swift Serpent Signet] (item history) 10.00
Moothora [Unrepentant Heels] (item history) 10.00
Fish [Laser Burn Bracers] (item history) 10.00
Dinthdos [Laser Burn Bracers] (item history) 10.00
Sourlol [Bone-Inlaid Sandals] (item history) 86.00
Delciotto [Juggernaut's Power Core] (item history) 10.00
Yukio [Leggings of Furious Flame] (item history) 70.00
Moothora [Haromm's Talisman] (item history) 10.00
Delciotto [Toxic Tornado Treads] (item history) 31.00
Zanrith [Demolisher's Reinforced Belt] (item history) 10.00
Caleb [Kardris' Scepter] (item history) 10.00
Zanrith [Romy's Reliable Grips] (item history) 1.00
Wizendone [Ravager's Pathwalkers] (item history) 10.00
Bazos [Gauntlets of the Cursed Conqueror] (item history) 10.00
Jazzduck [Gauntlets of the Cursed Protector] (item history) 11.00
Bazos [Bulwark of the Fallen General] (item history) 1.00
Unholydevil [Gauntlets of the Cursed Vanquisher] (item history) 30.00
Chillycraft [Arcweaver Spell Sword] (item history) 10.00
Wizendone [Kor'kron Hand Cannon] (item history) 10.00
Ardonyx [Legplates of Willful Doom] (item history) 10.00
Gulvan [Bracers of Averted Fatality] (item history) 1.00
Delciotto [Miasmic Skullbelt] (item history) 10.00
Syr [Ring of Restless Energy] (item history) 40.00
Arcduh [Mantid Vizier's Robes] (item history) 10.00
Blackpalm [Sigil of Rampage] (item history) 10.00
Tisma [Lost Necklace of the Mogu Empress] (item history) 10.00
Zanrith [Seal of the Forgotten Kings] (item history) 10.00
Zanrith [Mogu Mindbender's Greaves] (item history) 1.00
Zanrith [Echoes of War] (item history) 1.00
Wizendone [Echoes of War] (item history) 10.00
... found 50 drop(s)

Class Distribution
Class Percent Attendees
4 (16%)
Moothora, Cathassity, Nodidi, Caleb,
2 (8%)
Stingray, Chillycraft,
3 (12%)
Zanrith, Taintalust, Bazos,
2 (8%)
Yukio, Tomjk,
3 (12%)
Tisma, Ermod, Arcduh,
3 (12%)
Gulvan, Blackpalm, Jazzduck,
2 (8%)
Wizendone, Syr,
2 (8%)
Fish, Dinthdos,
1 (4%)
Death Knight
2 (8%)
Ardonyx, Unholydevil,
1 (4%)

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