Guild Policies & Info

AFK Forum

We have an AFK forum where raiders who are going to be missing raids should post, as far in advance as possible.  Missing raids without posting why (even if it's after-the-fact) is frowned upon, and won't be tolerated over the long term.

Inactivity and the Reservist Rank

Our reservist rank exists to allow retired raiders to remain a part of Angry alongside those they raided with in the past.  Reservists do not normally participate in official guild raids.  Reservists who wish to return to raiding should speak to the officers - assuming there is an opening for your class and you are approved to return to raiding, you will be brought to raids as a trial for a few weeks, before being moved back to member if things go fine.

Any member whose raid attendance or performance does not meet expectations is subject to demotion to the reservist rank, which essentially means removal from our raid roster.  Generally speaking, a member should strive to maintain the same attendance we currently expect of new applicants, which is 90%+, although plenty of leeway is offered when it's needed.