Guild Policies & Info

Raid Points Accumulation

Raid points are acquired by attending raids. Point values are:

Players who are swapped out accumulate the same points as someone who's in the raid zone, as long as they are online and ready to go.  However, if you are not raiding you need to remain available by being in-game or on voice chat, etc.

Raid Points Decay: At the end of each month, the current points of all raiders (active and inactive) are decayed by 20%.

Raid Points Spending

Raid points are normally spent whenever an epic item is acquired in a guild raid. These days, we use addons to handle bidding.  More specific information on our addons is in our private forums, but this page will describe the mechanics of our bidding. 

When bidding on an item, you must specify whether the item is main spec or off spec. For our loot purposes, "specs" are: tanking, melee DPS, ranged DPS, and healing.  For example, a DPS warrior who's playing fury spec would be off spec on tanking gear (but main spec on arms gear), an enhancement shaman would be off spec on elemental or healing gear, and a holy/disc priest could bid on an item as off spec if the item would only be used for shadow, and never equipped for healing. As a special case, these items count as off spec for everyone: enchant formulas, and plans/patterns that create non-BoP items.

Once the interested bidders are known, the person handling the bid will begin the actual bidding.  There are four tiers of bidders:

The final bid list will include only the highest tier that contains people actually interested in the item. For example, if one member is bidding on something for his main spec, tiers 2-4 will not be able to bid at all. However, if that member then chooses to pass, the next-highest tier will have a chance to bid.

Bidding takes place in a single-round format, each person only bids once.  The bidding is ordered by current raid points - the bidder who currently has the lowest number of points will bid first, and the person with the most points will bid last. If people have the exact same number of points, their bidding order will be determined randomly (if using /roll, higher rolls bid first). Minimum bid is 10 or 1, depending on the tier. Each bidder must outbid the previous high bidder by at least 1 point, or pass.

Not enough points to meet the minimum: Players who currently have less points than the required minimum bid (including players with zero or negative points) can still bid.  They can only bid the minimum (1 or 10), and later bidders can "outbid" them by simply re-bidding the minimum themselves (no need to actually bid higher).

Legendary items: Legendary items will be distributed based on a "loot council" containing all the officers (excluding those who would be eligible to the receive the item themselves). Time in the guild, lifetime attendance, and reliability will be primary considerations, as well as who can best put the item to use obviously.  If multiple players are seen as roughly equal by the above standards, they may be asked to roll for the item.  The recipient will be charged 300 points when the item is completed.